WTS 1206


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WTS 1206. The WTS Series means a change of concept within the front load towers, as it introduces the new Structural Mode. This Structural Mode does not use the winch to lift the load, but involves lifting the load with the help of a manual or electric hoist. That is, the tower is used as a structure that is all locked to the required working height.

Once the tower is raised to this desired height, the load must be raised with the hoist. The Structural Mode performs improved loading capacities. Furthermore, the WTS Series incorporates the innovative Dynamic Overlap system.


  • Modes of operation: Mechanism Mode and Structural Mode.
  • Four extensible profiles made of extruded aluminium.
  • Reinforcing bars on the back and front of the lifter for additional reinforcement.
  • Castors at the base of the lifter.
  • Dynamic Overlap system.
  • Available color: Black.
  • Compatible accessories: AWS 502, AWS 301, AWS 501.

Technical Data

ModelWTS 1206
Folded height2,00(m) - 6,56(ft)
Base width0,585(m) - 1,92(ft)
Base length0,58(m) - 1,90(ft)
Maximum Height6,00(m) - 19,69(ft)
Minimum fork height0,88(m) - 2,88 (ft)
Unfolded diameter3,40(m) - 11,15(ft)
Frontal side width2,15(m) - 7,05(ft)
Rear side width2,55(m) - 8,37(ft)
Fork length0,86(m) - 2,82(ft)
Number of profiles4
Minimum load capacity25(Kg) - 55,12(Lb)
Max.load as mechanism550(Kg) - 1212,54(Lb)
Max. load as structure1200(Kg) - 2645,55(Lb)
Net weight244(Kg) - 537,92(Lb)
Winch1200(Kg) - 2645,5(Lb)
Cable diameter6(mm2)
Noise emissions73(dB)