Universal Steel Base Plate


(24x24”), G-Truss, GT- Universal, Led, LED Effects / Special Effects, LED Pars/Bars, Lighting, Moving Heads, Steel Base Plate, Theatrical

Our GT-Universal Steel Base Plate is heavy duty and fits a variety of different truss sizes. Made with 4 diagonal slits, this allows the connector to adjust to your size truss. Also made with 6mm thick steel and coming in two different sizes. The first option is a 24×24″ base and the second is a 36×24″ base. Ideal for any truss structure that needs stability and a base that can handle heavy loads.


  • 6mm Steel Thickness
  • Size Options: 24×24″/ 36×24″
  • Heavy Duty Application
  • Universal Fitting: Can fit our 290mm & our 400mm Truss sizes due to its diagonal slits
  • 4 Base connectors included
  • Steel Base Plate290mm/12x12''
  • Steel Base Plate 600x600mm (24x24'')
  • Steel Base Plate 600x900mm (24x36'')