LW 290D


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LW 290D. WORK PRO LIFTERS has redesigned the well-known LW series in order to comply with the DIN 56950 standard, becoming the LW D /DY Series. The LW-D /DY Series incorporates the innovative Wire Drive system, which has been developed in order to prevent undesired and dangerous cable crosses in the drum of the winch, making easier the roll up/unroll process and avoiding crashing or fraying that could reduce the useful life of the cable or (in the worst case) its breakage.

Wire Drive consists of a multidirectional grooved pulley that reduces the wire fleet angle between the winch drum and its entry to the first mast, in order to be compliant with DIN 56950 standard.


  • Telescopic lifter.
  • Three extensible profiles made of steel.
  • Wire Drive system.
  • Castors at the base of the lifter.
  • Color: Black.
  • Compatible accessories: AW 135

Technical Data

ModelLW 290D
Minimum Height1,84(m) - 6,04(ft)
Base Folded Width460(mm) - 1,51(ft)
Base Folded Length460(mm) - 1,51(ft)
Maximum Height6,6(m) - 21,65(ft)
Unfolded diameter2,58(m) - 8,46(ft)
Minimum load capacity25(Kg) - 55,12(Lb)
Max. load290(Kg) - 639,34(Lb)
Net weight136,8(Kg) - 301,59(Lb)
Winch900(Kg) - 1984,16(Lb)
Noise emissions75(dB)