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LS-Wing is an innovative hardware which offers several products in one: A Wing for LS-1 / LS -Core, an OSC/UDP hardware controller, a MIDI controller and a user programmable remote controller.

LS-Wing can send/receive OSC commands through ethernet from any software or hardware compatible with this protocol. In addition, it can send/receive UDP messages, making it compatible with any AV device or software on the market.

Technical Data

Buttons20 executor, 10 selection, 20 Playback, 10 Flash, fully configurable
Faders10 faders fully configurable
I/O ports1xLamp port (XLR-3 5V) 2xDMX (XLR-5) 3xLAN (EtherCon®) 2xUSB-A (Data) + 1xUSB-A(only power 5V) 1xUSB-B 1xTrueOne® mains
Configuration interfaceVia Built-in Webserver. Accesible through LAN connection
DMX OutputsBuilt-in LAN to DMX ArtNET, sACN node with 2 universe outputs
Lamp connector DC Voltage5V
USB POWER connector max. current2A
USB Data connectors max Current500mA each
name: "Dimmensions",325 x 100 x 330 mm
Weight2,7 kg
Power supply90-230V 50/60Hz TrueOne® connector