290mm-Square Truss


Our 290mm GT-Truss (GT-290) is a 4-point truss system.

This provides optimum volume and load capacity for its construction size and a tube diameter of 50mm. This system is connected via a special conical connector system, which is joined together to a complete form fit by means of a copper hammer, creating optimal traction. It is also characterized by a minimum transport volume and the special lightweight design. The conical connectors are of course included in the scope of delivery – special designs and powder coatings can be carried out at short notice. This size truss is meant for a more light duty design.


  • Color Options: Silver or Black (Powder Coated)
  • Size Options: 1m/2m/3m

Technical Data

Model290mm-Square Truss
Main Tube Section50 x 2 mm
Main Tube AlloyEN AW 6082T6
Braces Section20 x 2 mm"
Braces AlloyEN AW 6082T6
weigth4,368 lb/ft
Surface Area Complete Truss1,8693 in2
Coupling SystemCBC50E
1.64 feet - Weigth11,464 lb
3.28 feet - Weigth17,637 lb
6.56 feet - Weigth26,455 lb
9.84 feet - Weigth35,715 lb
1.64 feet - Weigth1,4867 lb
3.28 feet - Weigth2,97 lb
6.56 feet - Weigth5,9399 lb
9.84 feet - Weigth8,9099 lb